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Cooperatives Cash: CID probes over 30 MPs over Shs 164 Billion

By Executive Editor


The Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) is investigating over 30 Members of Parliament (MPs) over alleged embezzlement.

The Minister of State for Trade, Harriet Ntabaazi, revealed that 30 MPs are facing criminal investigation into their role in the embezzlement of Shs164Bn, meant for Cooperatives Compensation. This includes five Opposition MPs.

Minister Ntabaazi made the remarks while appearing before Parliament’s Trade Committee, where she called for calm amongst MPs, saying the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives will continue executing its mandate amidst the embezzlement probe, reminding MPs that, even when the Office of the Prime Minister was embroiled in the scandal for the theft of iron sheets, business continued as usual.

“We aren’t scared, we shall undertake it because it is now beyond us, we are before the security investigatory organs of Government, let us battle out there and the law will have it all. That shouldn’t worry the Committee, and that won’t stop the Government from working, otherwise that would have stopped the Office of the Prime Minister from working, where the iron sheets were. So, I beg you that you cool down, those organs of Government are doing their work,” said Ntabaazi.

Ntabaazi added: “The Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) is taking on files, around 5 files have been identified, and the good thing with it, it wasn’t only the Ministry, there are MPs, more than 30 MPs, who are into this including Opposition MPs, five active Opposition MPs, very talkative and noisemakers will also face it rough. We shall also face it as a Ministry, but they will also face it. So, we aren’t scared, we shall also face it wherever it will end, God knows, let it unfold that way.”

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