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Dr. Aceng forced me to treat her Covid patient – intern doctor

By Lamech Senyonjo

This is for Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng, the mighty Min. Of Health. As the Intern Dr. In charge at Kiruddu NRH Private Ward the Hon. Minister made me attend to her patient who had Covid 19 and DM! The hospital Director had earlier passed a directive that all Covid 19 patients should be sent to Nambole CTU* and indeed Dr. Herman and others implemented it at the Emergency department. On that fateful evening, I received a call from my senior at the Private ward that *Dr. Aceng’s patient* was in transit in an ambulance to Kiruddu Hospital from Lira RRH.

They reached in the night with Positive Covid 19 results and I vehemently refused to admit her, however, frequent calls were made and *an order from above was issued that I admit her* and I had to kowtow. This Patient was indeed special since she demanded corporate timely attention which we provided. She, without an solicitation promised that once the Minister comes, she would appreciate me with a token. I however went ahead to dispense of my duties as per the oath I took. The Minister came on Sunday afternoon and thanked me with a lot of flowery words and later while departing left me with a heavy package of words, mbu I need to take care not to contract Covid yet by bringing a C19 patient in a center not demarcated to cater for C19 patients, she inadvertently exposed me to the very disease!

Now country Men and women, this is the same woman saying *Medical Interns Deserve no payment* yet for her, we treat her personal patients forcefully, she has a double salary from Parliament and Cabinet with big allowances, drives posh cars. *This is Obscene!*

Am Dr. Senyonjo and I know you know me Hon Minister. Refute if you feel am telling lies.

The writer is an intern doctor

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