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Elite High: social media buzz after high school kid, date take Shs 3 million chopper ride to prom

By Ivan Ssali

The social media community continues to buzz following a Saturday incident in which a high school kid and his date showed up in a chopper for a school prom at Elite High School.

Capt. Faridah Ashaba, a key player in the aviation sector, says hiring a helicopter must have cost the student Shs 3 million. 

“To save you energy, the helicopter ride was about 3million shillings for a drop off at Elite School. Must have been about 20-30minutes to  get there. Yes Helicopters are expensive machines but also some of you spend that in one night in a bar,” Capt. Ashaba said. 

However, this has caused a buzz on social media. 

Social Media Comments:

Sheilah Gashumba: l let people do whatever they want to do with who they they want to do it with!! Some things are small issues to other people!! Let’s stop having entitlement on what people do with their money, body or lives!! It’s prom, something that happens once in your life!! Let the kids be

Nsubuga Ggayira: 3 million isn’t too much Money to some people. So people should stop criticizing and if you’ve 6k in your pockets just work harder, then when you get 3M you also hire a chopper and fly to the village for Christmas.

Richard Byaruhanga: These kids deserve it. Their spending is absolutely okay as long as they have the money and planned for it. That might be their pocket change. 3m isn’t a big deal!

Godfrey Kuteesa: What value does it add to him/her. Parents need counseling

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