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How I survived the second bomb blast – Charles Odongtho

Family, I hope you are all fine.

I am still traumatised and terrified by the experience we went through today (Tuesday, November 16) and what I saw.

We were meeting at the ICT Ministry Boardroom, next to the Jubilee Building that houses IGG and opposite Raja Chambers when the blasts on Parliamentary Avenue too place.

The house where we were shook, windows broke, broken glasses cut people, but we managed to get out into safe areas.

Outside, the journalist instinct took me up and I went around.

From the compound of the ICT ministry to the main parliament avenue outside, on vehicle bonnets and on top of cars parked along the Parliamentare avenue, on walking pavements, body parts including human flesh and broken pieces of bones, freely strewn all over, while several Govt cars went up in flames.

I saw some person lying lifeless outside across the IPS building that houses the IGG.

Civilians and police people in uniform were bleeding.

This was a terrible day. We thank God you are all safe.

Amazingly, I wanted to park in the empty space next to the IGG parking area and opposite Raja Chambers as I rushed for the meeting at ICT ministry. The officers told me that space is for the IGG vehicles.

Then the empty one opposite Raja was smaller and couldn’t fit my car which is longer.

To come out after the blast and find the IGG escort cars in flames really traumatised me.

Seeing human flesh scattered all over a space of over 30 metres has really depressed me.

I saw that tall building Raja Chambers shake left and right like a tree branch. It was so scary.

Now though, my car and of others there have all been denied exit until security clears them. I am home and safe now.

We always move with death around us. Whoever has the heart to sit and plan and execute such heinous acts against fellow human beings, may God’s judgement be fair to you.

Now I am thinking about some of the officers outside the IPS building whom I spoke to and wondering where they are.

So traumatising.

I am feeling for the person who parked in the empty smaller place in front of Raja Chambers and asking myself how they are.

We only survive because it is not yet our day.

God bless you all brethren.

Charles Odongtho is a senior journalist.

Narrative adopted via the Nilepost

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