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I&M Bank Uganda Globalizes Ugandan Banking Sector

By Davis Mugabi


High-net-worth-bank, I&M, has in partnership with Mastercard launched a global digital payment solution for its Ugandan audience.

I&M Standard Debit Mastercard, I&M World Debit Mastercard, and I&M World Elite Debit Card will offer enhanced features and functionality that will greatly transform the customers experience and how they manage their finances and make payments. World Edlite Debit Card in particular is the first of its kind in Uganda.

“This is the next big thing, and will change the entire banking landscape” the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Robin Bairstow, said at a high-end launch last night at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

“The banking sector is driven by a heavy-investment in technology. That investment has not spared us.“

Therefore, he added, “This partnership reflects our commitment to embracing digital innovation and enhancing the convenience and security of our customers’ financial journeys. By leveraging Mastercard’s expertise and advanced payment solutions, we aim to revolutionize the way our customers bank and transact.

The Cards come with a wide-range of benefits. These are:

A dedicated relationship manager, mobile and internet banking, offshore banking, family banking and select banking lounges anywhere across the world.

It also comes with a transaction limit of Shs 20 million (via the ATM per day) and online payments and purchases of up to Shs 50 million per day.

On accommodation, the cards mega discounts on 5-star hotels (like Serena Hotel), on top of a select discount on spa packages.

On travel, the cards give travel medical insurance, airport lounge and airport concierge, 10% discount on all flights booked and international medical services among others.

In short, the cards offer convenience, exclusivity and a memorable experience.

The Bank’s Board Chairman, Suleiman Kigunddu, says the Cards as safer, simpler and faster.

“This is the best decision we have ever made, as far as partnerships are concerned,” Kigunddu said.

What others say

“Mastercard’s cutting-edge technology, combined with I&M Bank’s commitment to customer-centric innovation, will empower customers to embrace digital transactions with confidence. Together, we will drive financial inclusion and provide secure and convenient banking experiences to our customers,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs at I&M Bank Uganda.

Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs at I&M Bank Uganda.

“We are excited to partner with I&M Bank Uganda to launch this new range of cards aimed at transforming digital payments for cardholders in Uganda. At Mastercard, we share I&M Bank’s vision of empowering customers to embrace the benefits of digital transactions by making transactions safe, seamless, convenient, and rewarding,” said Shehryar Ali, Country Manager for East Africa at Mastercard.

Shehryar Ali, Country Manager for East Africa at Mastercard.

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