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New tricks thugs are using to rob motorists along the Northern bypass

Thieves have devised new means of robbing unsuspecting motorists along the Kampala Norther bypass.

Currently, there is a random violent incident of sack throwing, along the road.

The incident was first reported by a motorist identified as Muhammad Muzammil which occurred along the Northern bypass, just before Kiwatule overhead bridge by a criminal gang that was targeting motorists.

“The aim of such attacks is to force motorists to stop along the road or highway, to check their motor vehicles. And it is during that process that, gang members, pounce in and attack. Other dangerous tools used include; boulders, rocks, sharp instruments, dirty water and sticky substances on the wind screens, thrown at the motor vehicle to purposely distract or jam the motor vehicle,” Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says.

“We would like to thank the motorists Muhammad Muzammil for his defensive skills and for sharing his ordeal with the public for better vigilance on the road. We further urge all motorists to practice or refresh their defensive or evasive driving techniques, when in the face of danger. These include; car cornering and other precise maneuvers, outpacing an attacker, reversing at terrible speed, driving through the obstacle where possible or even hooting for serious help. Meanwhile, our intelligence, operational and IT teams, continue to troll the CCTV footages, around the area and gather intelligence that can help us identify the culprits and bring them to book.”

Muhammad Muzammil’s ordeal (verbatim)

Good afternoon dear neighbours,

Today around noon, i was returning from entebbe, along the Northern bypass just before kiwatule overhead bridge as i approached naalya interchange; a pedestrian holding two sacks was standing right along the road dividers as if waiting to cross the road.

Just when i was about to pass by him. He intentionally threw one of the sacks right infront of my car. It was at a point i where any drastic turns would be risky and and i hit the sack. 

It seemed to be filled with scrap metals and plastics. I kept driving dragging the sack to a considerable distance as i tried to go off the fast lane and onto the road shoulder as it was being pushed under my car but it was too huge to pass under. 

As i came to the road shoulder i could see another person running towards the car who wasnt the guy that threw the sack.

As soon as i was on the shoulder, i reversed my car to free off the sack but did not stop.and drove off.

This was a deliberate action and clearly seemed that a group was involved in the activity.

It is clear that tjis seems to be a new tactic to attack or rob vehicles.

My bumper sustained damages due to the hit and dragging as did the underside of the vehicle. But i believe its the safest course i could take.

I share this to ask you all to be alert on the bypass and look out for such behaviour. Be extra vigilant when u see samone holding a sack (seeming to look like a scrap collector)

Muhammad Muzammil 

0753 138777 

Cc – LC 1 Naalya

Cc – O.C. Naalya Police

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