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New twist as Hajji Lumolo asks his daughter to leave her marital home after marriage collapses

By Our Reporters

New reports indicate that Asha Nabulo Mafabi’s father and tycoon, Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo, has asked his daughter to leave her marital home. Lumolo is the district NRM chairman for Sironko, and owns a string of businesses including Kampala Modernity Car Bond.

His daughter, Asha’s married to Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi, recently collapsed.

Following the collapse of the marriage which lasted less than a year, Hajji Kafo ordered asha to leave since the marriage is no more.

However, Asha has since been reluctant to leave the house located in Half London, Mbale City.

The house from which Asha is wanted out. Pictured right is Asha.

In fact, the disagreement forced Hajji Kafo to sell the house. Despite all these attempts to have Asha leave Hajji Kafo’s house, the embattled woman politician has declined to leave.

We are told that court bailiffs are waiting for 12 days to elapse and force her out of the house by force.

However, a close confidant of Hajji Lumolo has told this publication that the NRM boss wants Asha to leave Hajji Kafo’s house. According to our source, Lumolo wants Asha to leave for fear of embarrassment when the bailiffs force her out. Secondly, Lumolo wants Asha out so as the negative media reports against the Lumolo family can stop.

“Hajji Lumolo says that he is a rich man with so many houses. He suggests that Asha can take up one of his houses instead of wanting to grab Hajji Kafo’s house and causing embarrassment,” a source quoted.

So, it is now up to Asha to listen to her father and leave or be forced out by court bailiffs.

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