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OTUKE: RDC, ARDCs join Education Officer to open Patriotism training in Orum, Adwari

On Wednesday, the office of the RDC, led by the RDC, Mr. John Robert Adyamu Ekaju, and ARDCs Opio Isaac Ope and Umar Mitala joined the District Education Officer, Madam Acheng Lucy, to open up the patriotism training in Orum and Adwari SS. 

The team briefed students on the history of Uganda and its turmoil before the coming of the NRM government. We briefed them about the NRM achievements since 1986, especially in the field of education. 

The team tasked the students with being patriotic, embracing government-skilled projects aimed at improving youth’s social and economic transformation, and understanding Uganda’s Vision 2040, which is to be spearheaded by everyone, especially young people.

They implored them to be loyal to Uganda, love themselves, their families, and Uganda, avoid cultural or tribal differences, and always consider Uganda first.

The team encouraged learners to engage in skillful activities such as shoe making and school chalk making, which are already evident in the district in Akwang Sub County, so they could earn some money, transform their lives, be the force to fight poverty, and also improve household income because they now have peace, security, and stability in Uganda, unlike the years that preceded 2024.

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