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Profile: Who is Catherine Kyokunda Donovan, the new Commissioner Legal at URA?

By Executive Editor

On Friday, March 15, 2024, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) senior staff welcomed in style the new Commissioner of Legal Services and Board Affairs at the URA.

Catherine Kyokunda Donovan. Catherine is the epitome of resilience, dedication, and a purpose-driven mindset,” said Ibrahim Bbossa, URA’s Assistant Commissioner, Public and Corporate Affairs.

According to Bbossa, Kyokunda was born and educated in Uganda’s rich cultural tapestry.

Kyokunda is a graduate of Makerere University and the Law Development Center (LDC).

She also holds a master’s degree in law, specializing in taxation, revenue, and international trade law.

Kyokunda at Parliament of Uganda

“Her thirst for knowledge did not wane there; she further honed her expertise with a diploma in legislative drafting, even venturing as far as India to refine her skills within the walls of the Indian parliament. Her career is a testament to her commitment to legal excellence and public service. As a senior legal counsel for the Parliament of Uganda, particularly within the Committee of Finance and Economic Development, she tackled the intricacies of tax legislation with precision and swift adaptability. Her role extended beyond drafting; she was a guardian of legal harmony, ensuring that the laws passed stood in concert with the nation’s needs and values. Catherine’s narrative extends into the private sector, where she has demonstrated her prowess in corporate legal matters and taxation, winning significant cases and advising corporations with dexterity and foresight. Her leadership and legal expertise led her to be headhunted as the corporate secretary for the Broadcasting Council, showcasing her ability to transition seamlessly between varied legal landscapes. Beyond the confines of law and corporate boardrooms, Catherine is deeply rooted in her community. She has been an integral member of various forums, from the parents’ board of governors in the UK to leading a church committee through the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her life is a testament to the belief that one’s professional endeavours should harmonise with personal values and community service. Entering a new chapter, Catherine steps into a role filled with challenges yet ripe with opportunity,” added Bbossa.

Bbossa says that Kyokunda sees her position not as a job but as a mission, a calling to contribute to something greater than herself.

“Her commitment is unwavering; she offers not just her skills but her heart and soul to the cause. She understands the weight of responsibility and the transformative power of collective effort. Her journey is one of continuous growth and contribution. Catherine embodies the spirit of an optimist, grounded yet ever-reaching for greatness. Her story is not just of individual success but a reminder of the potential within each to contribute meaningfully to the world. In her voice, we hear the echoes of determination, the whispers of compassion, and the loud proclamation that every day is a new opportunity to make a difference. If you ask me, Catherine Kyokunda Donovan is more than her accomplishments; she is a beacon of hope, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the greater good,” said Bbossa.

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