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Public demands Hajji Kafo’s estranged wife, Asha Mafabi Nabulo, to leave the husband’s house or else they will raid Lumolo’s home

Sections of voters and members of the public from Sironko district have demanded Asha Nabulo Mafabi, the estranged wife of tycoon Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi, vacate her former husband’s house peacefully without causing troubles and embarrassment.

Wanted out: Asha Nabulo Mafabi. Left is Hajji Kafo’s house from which Asha is wanted out.

The members, some of whom are voters in Sironko district, where Asha Nabulo Mafabi is seeking to remove state minister for Karamoja affairs Florence Nambozo Mayoga from her position as a woman member of parliament come 2026, assert that Asha refusing to vacate the house amicably as demanded by her former husband Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi is a sign of immaturity, and therefore they vowed to raid the home of Mzee Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo, whom they believe would tame his daughter.

The house in question is located in Half London, Mbale City, and there were media reports last week that Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi ordered Asha Nabulo to vacate his residence (the house), but she adamantly refused on the ground that she was busy with politics and needed more time.

However, several voters and members of the public who talked to this media house said that they are requesting Asha to peacefully leave the house so that she can concentrate on politics other than the battles of a failed marriage.

Joseph Kwamusi, a resident of Sironko town council and a teacher in Mutufu, said that Asha should not waste time fighting for the properties of a failed marriage in which she has no child, while open secrets reveal that she got divorced long ago.

“We are voters in Sironko, and our position is clear: let Asha leave the man’s house and other properties as demanded by the husband and start a new life. She is beautiful and could get another better man than Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi, but fighting or rejecting to vacate the house would dent her integrity and the bad legacy of a person who wants to represent the voters in Sironko,” Kwamusi told the Kampala Gazette.

Wilberforce Mafabi, a voter in Budadiri town council, said that they are organizing to go and storm the home of Mzee Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo in Buyobo to demand that he intervene in the failed marriage of his daughter because the continuous scandals would cost Asha Nabulo her votes for another round.

“When we learn that Lumolo is back in the district at his Buyobo home, we shall go in huge numbers and ask him to step in and save the situation, other than spoiling the votes of our candidate,” Mafabi added.

Asha Nabulo Mafabi is the current NRM flag bearer for the Sironko district woman MP seat and the daughter of tycoon Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo, the proprietor of Kampala Modernity Car Bond.

Apparently, Asha and tycoon Hajji Kafo divorced, and each one is living on his or her own without any marital binding. This was after the failed marriage that lasted for only one year.

Under serious criticism by some tormentors, Hajji Kafo married Asha in 2020 during a lavish function that cost huge sums of money in the presence of tycoon Lumolo. Hajji Kafo walked away with sexy beauty and politician Asha Nabulo amidst cheers, but little did Hajji Lumolo know that his daughter could not hold a man for over a year.

“We are divorced and the house is solely mine, so I want her out of my residence, and if she fails, I will use a more embarrassing and dramatic manner to evict her publicly and forcefully in broad daylight,” Hajji Kafo intimated to this media house in Kampala.

Asha failed to maintain her marriage; she does know how to look after a man, and at the apex of the misunderstanding, her father, the most respected tycoon in Uganda, and Bugisu in particular intervened to reconcile us, but Asha blatantly told me in the face of her father that we should call it quits; she no longer loves me and there is no more continuity of the marriage, and we later divorced. Hajji Kafo asserted.

He said that based on the divorce, there is no need for Asha to continue staying in his house where she is not paying rent since she is not his tenant.

Accordingly, Hajji Kafo wants only Asha to leave his house peacefully, but if she fails to do it in the shortest time possible, he will seek the action of throwing her out of the house.

During that period of embarrassment, Hajji Kafo would be tempted to demand even other things, like the car and some cash spent on Asha, as required by the Islamic faith when a woman rejects a man.

Reports indicate that when Mzee Hajji Sulaiman Lumolo Mafabi visited the two at their Half Landon home in Mbale City, he allegedly told them that he had not gone to see them separate but unite them for the better, which Asha rejected.

However, a close confidant of Asha Nabulo revealed that she intends to vacate the house after the general elections of 2026 because, at the moment, she is busy tussling out how to eject the state minister for Karamoja Affairs, who is the woman member of parliament for Sironko district.

This sounds so weird to Hajji Kafo, who wants Asha out of the house immediately, so he sells it and uses the dime to do other businesses for his children.

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