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Q & A! My weight loss journey: ..Scary, worth it but eating unhealthy is so tempting – Zoe Omwiisiki

By Davis Mugabi

Eating junk food plays no role in weight loss. Pizza, burgers, etc and other unhealthy foods do not add much nutrition to your diet, and being high in calories they do little in themselves to regulate your weight. Zoe Omwiisiki is cognizant of this fact and it is for that reason (junk play no role in weight loss) that she has been able to walk what she would term a successful journey towards weight loss. While Omwiisiki is not yet where she would love to be (in all aspects), she says “a luta continua”

One of Zoe Omwiisiki’s most recent photos.

The Q & A:

Question: When did you start your weight loss journey?

Answer: I started in January 2022…..after realizing I had literally grown too big to even fit in my clothes. My arms were now a problem while buying clothes, the back fat folds etc. I was like I need to do something, and something I had to appreciate. Gym was it for me. 

Question: How many Kgs were you were you weighing at the time?

Answer: I was weighing 87 at the time, there is a time I visited the hospital and the doctor said that weight was not good for me. Kinda scary but eating unhealthy is so tempting (laughs).

Zoe Omwiisiki (left) in January 2022

Question:  How many Kgs do you weigh today?

Answer: I am 68, I feel lighter.

Question: How would you describe that journey? Pain? 

Answer: First of all, it’s a sacrifice. 

Good gyms are expensive, getting the right coach for yourself is both expensive and you need the patience. Some days you wake up with muscle pains, there is a point I would cry climbing the steps because of gym muscle pains. But well it gets easier along the way. I love it.

Question:  What kind of program were you on during that period? Gym? Diet? 

Answer: In the first 4 months I took on both dieting and Gyming 5 days a week for an hour each session. 

No dinner throughout. 

The next three months I was gyming 4 days a week, I started eating all the three meals a day because my body needed energy for the gym. 

I gave myself a break for December, resuming in January 2023.

Another of Zoe Omwiisiki’s most recent photos.

Question:  As you were on this journey, what motivation did you have in mind? What was pushing you to continue?

Answer: Fact that I saw my body transform into something beautiful kept me going. I met some amazing people along my gym journey (Doreen my trainer, Victoria etc).

Question:  Do you have someone you admire in that when you look at them, you are like yeah, I want to be like her (or him)?

Answer: My trainer, Doreen Shapes. I love her energy and love for her fitness life.

Question: Have you clocked where you want to be?

Answer: Weight loss journey. Yes.

Shape….still going. A luta continua!

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