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Techno launches CAMON 20 Doodle Art Edition

TECNO, the smartphone industry leader, celebrated its 15th anniversary milestone with a remarkable party dubbed the CAMON Doodle Party. The celebration, held at Villa Bukoto, was a vibrant blend of technology and artistry.

It centered around the launch of the CAMON 20 Doodle Edition, the newest version in the CAMON 20 Series.

Invited guests ranging from customers, VIP dealers, partners, tech influencers, and media, to mention but a few, were artistically welcomed to The Villa Bukoto with the breath-taking doodle art impressions.

The Villa was transformed to depict the fusion of TECNO’s iconic colors and captivating doodle art designs. The meticulous attention to detail created an ambiance that perfectly encapsulated the theme of blending technology with artistic expression. TECNO never does wrong when it comes to branding a party!

The celebration was filled with an energetic aura created by the DJs, dancers, and surprise performances from the Boy So Tender, Ykee Benda, and the Doll of the Party, DJ Alisha. This created a musical backdrop, infusing the event with energy and vibrancy.

In the wee hours of the night, the main event began in earnest. The NBS Katch Up team, featuring Viana Inddi and MC Cashmir, along with their talented DJs, brought the stage to unstoppable energy. The Baraka Dancers followed suit, mesmerizing the audience with their incredible dance moves. It was a show of Art in different ways, with Doodle colors shining everywhere, highlighting Doodle Party.

The crowd erupted in applause as Ykee Bender serenaded with his hit bangers and love ballads. His electrifying performance left the audience spellbound and underlined the power of music in the celebration.

The CAMON Doodle: Where Art Meets Technology

What is a product launch without the product?!!!

Well, the TECNO Product Consultant Bruce Dickson took center stage as he shaded stroke of light on the CAMON 20 Doodle Edition. He emphasized how this innovative smartphone seamlessly blends art and technology.

In his words, ” CAMON 20 Doodle is the only Smart Phone which at night, the light-sensitive back cover of  HYPERLINK “https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/camon20doodle/” #CAMON20Doodle gives off a fluorescent glow after absorbing daylight.

Mr Doodle’s masterpiece now comes alive. Be the luminous muse to paint the night sky with splendor. Fill every moment with vibrant hues.”

Bruce also unveiled an enticing offer, which allows customers to acquire this cutting-edge device from Take Now on installment payment plan, requiring only Shs237,000 initial deposit.

CAMON 20 Doodle art edition is in partnership with the famous Mr. Doodle whose doodle art drawing is embedded on the back cover of the phone. At night, the light-sensitive back cover of #CAMON20Doodle gives off a fluorescent glow after absorbing daylight.

Mr Doodle’s masterpiece now comes alive. Be the luminous muse to paint the night sky with splendor. Filling every moment with vibrant hues.

The phone still retains the powerful DNA of the CAMON 20 series of a strong battery of 5000mAh, the ever-amazing camera that prides in stable and clear photos even in low light ‘’a true night portrait master.’’

The device also comes with 512GB of space to keep all your files, documents, music, videos, photos to mention but a few. CAMON 20 doodle is 5G enabled ensuring a smoother and more reliable network connection and faster internet speeds for a more fluent browsing experience.

Throughout the 15-year celebration, customers will be treated to numerous surprises and giveaways, reflecting TECNO’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The entire event was broadcast live on the NBS Katch Up Show, ensuring that online viewers could share in the excitement.

TECNO’s 15th anniversary celebration was a harmonious fusion of technology, art, and entertainment. It was meticulously curated to create an unforgettable evening that showcased the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.

The CAMON 20 Doodle Edition took center stage, symbolizing TECNO’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology while embracing aesthetics. Here’s to 15 years of TECNO’s journey, with the promise of many more milestones ahead.

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