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Ugandans eulogize fallen veteran engineer, Eng. Livingstone Bangi

By Denis Mugerwa

On September 22, 2022; Engineer Registration Board – Uganda announced the death of Eng. Livingstone Bangi (ERB N0. 440).

Without disclosing the cause of death, the Board tweeted: “With deep regret and profound sadness announces the passing away of Eng. Bangi Livingstone, ERB no. 440 May his Soul rest in Eternal Peace.”

This reporter would later learn that Bangi succumbed to prostate cancer.

However, a number of Ugandans have come out to eulogize Bangi.

The eulogy, largely on Twitter, was triggered by that of a Communications Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister, Julius Mucunguzi.

Mucunguzi had stated that: “

Yesterday I attended a funeral service for someone I had never met, but whose example inspired me as a young man. Eng Livingstone Bangi, went to our village school Nyabirerema Primary in Kabale &emerged the best student in Uganda in PLE exams of 1972, three years before I was born

Eng Bangi’s academic prowess became the legendary talk of the entire village, with his name mentioned in every primary school in the district. He became the flagship example of what was possible, for even pupils from rural areas: that one could excel & top the country

From Nyabirerema Primary School, he went to Ntare School, from where he emerged number two in the country in 1976 & joined Makerere University to study Engineering. My father would tell me much later that “my son, you can also be like Bangi.”

When I joined Nyabirerema Primary School in P5 in 1986, our headmaster, the great JW Rwagalla always proudly told us how each one of us was a potential Bangi. He would point through the window &say:”Bangi was born from over there, studied here& became number One in the country.”

Bangi stayed Makerere for a few months& got a scholarship to study in Germany. At Nyabirerema, we worked hard hoping that we could make another Bangi. In 1988, when our PLE results came, we did not have a Bangi, but many of us passed with very good first grades.

When Bangi returned to Uganda, he worked in Post Office, Ministry of Energy & even became President of the association of professional engineers. But for some reason, I never got to meet him physically. His story & example, however, met me at the right time. Rest Well Engineer Bangi.”

According to Eng. Olaro, Bangi was a jolly man and teacher.

“The mere look of his face brought light of excitement and joy to my eyes. Even now, the picture alone just gives me smiles. I can’t shed a tear when I see his face..he is just nice.”

Brian Ssempungu says that Bangi was his lecturer and that the deceased was “one of a kind jolly pass on knowledge in a very entertaining way but super focused on the goal and if you leave his class not understood you will never understand that concept.”

As smart as he was he could make sure he transfers him smartness to others, Ssempungu added.

“Bangi was indeed a great inspiration to us, dun to be around and with exemplary humility for someone so accomplished,” Naome Wandera.

“I knew Bangi well. He found me in Ntaate! Indeed, exceptional! Please tell me what took him so early?? Grace, strength and comfort from the Lord Almighty to the family and all who were dear to him, and those for whom he was dear!” Dr. Zac Niringiye.

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