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Interview: Come & invest in Karamoja, says businessman Cornelius Kodet Lorika

By An Executive Editor

Businessman Cornelius Kodet Lorika has advised Ugandans from wherever to consider investing in Karamoja.

Kodet is a hotelier, farmer and meat processor.

Recently, he partnered with the government to set up Ateker cement factory at Naitakwae village, Nadunget subcounty in Moroto district, under his brainchild, Savanna Mines Limited, the lead firm in the preparations and construction of the said factory.

His businesses are not only in Karamoja but stretch out to areas like in Katakwi, Soroti, Kampala, Entebbe, Kidepo and Bunyoro among others areas.

In an interview recently, Kodet said there are a lot of opportunities in Karamoja.

“Karamoja has a special power line for industries,” Kodet said, “It is 10% of Uganda land. The largest region in the whole of Uganda. Karamoja is bigger than the whole of Rwanda. The Kenya and Sudan border is 500 kilometers (Moroto to Kampala).”

So, he said: “We need young Ugandans to come and invest in Karamoja. There is a chance for taxis. There is a chance for Supermarket. There is room for boda bodas. There is room for hotels. There is a chance for any business. So, there is room for people to come. What you need only is for people to accept that you are a Ugandan. Come and work.”

“If things have failed back at home, come and work,” Kodet, the proprietor of Aero Beach, Mt. Moroto Hotel and Uganda Meat Packers, emphasized.

Apart from running his businesses, Kodet is President Yoweri Museveni’s Special Advisor on Karamoja.

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