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Reassure your child that it’s okay to fail, to falter but it’s never okay to quit, Victoria University VC to parents

By Dr. Lawrence Muganga

Dear parents,
PLE results are out & I congratulate your amazing children upon completing that phase of life. Kindly tell your child that they’re not defined by grades. They’re so much more than a grade they got. Their mental & physical health is important than grades.
To the children that didn’t score the grades that parents expected, it is important to ensure that we don’t bring down a child’s worth just by judging them for their ‘poor’ academic performance.
Reassure your child that; IT’S OKAY TO FAIL, IT’S OKAY TO FALL, IT’S OKAY TO FALTER … BUT IT’S NEVER OKAY TO QUIT. Strive to prepare your child for the monstrous world waiting for them at their doorsteps rather than judging them for inability to score 1st grade.
Very often parents & schools fail to acknowledge the plethora of passions, talents, and dreams kids have apart from their academics & this puts intangible pressure & stress onto their heads that they mostly never bother to enjoy their learning.

The writer is the Vice Chancellor, Victoria University and an International Best Selling Author.

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