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Home To Africa Tours Appoints Nicholas Tukwasibwe as Brand Ambassador in Collaboration with Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation

Home To Africa Tours, a leading travel agency in Uganda, is proud to announce the appointment of Nicholas Tukwasibwe as its brand ambassador, in partnership with Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation. Nicholas, the youngest tour guide in Uganda, has captured the hearts of many with his deep passion for tourism and community engagement.

Nicholas’s journey to becoming a brand ambassador for Home To Africa Tours began when he started guiding tourists in Rubirizi, leaving an indelible mark on those who made stopovers in the area. His dedication and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, as Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation identified him and reached out to support his endeavours, recognizing the potential for positive change he represents.

Home To Africa Tours has made a commitment to take charge of Nicholas’s welfare, education, and mentorship, aiming to nurture his talent and bring him closer to his dream. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the agency’s ethos of responsible tourism and giving back to the communities that enrich travelers’ experiences.

Aryanyijuka Elias, Managing Director of Home to Africa Tours, emphasized the agency’s dedication to responsible tourism and community engagement, stating, “We believe that travel should not only be about exploring new destinations but also about giving back to the communities that make our journeys memorable. Our partnership with Bravo Shoes is rooted in this spirit of responsibility and community enrichment.”

He further added, “Our collaboration with Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation is geared towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of the tourism communities we engage with. Our shared commitment to social responsibility is the cornerstone of this partnership, and we envision a collaboration that enhances the well-being of local residents while contributing to the sustainable development of these regions.”

Home To Africa Tours and Travel Ltd is a registered tour & travel company with the Head Office in Kampala, Uganda. The company has experts in tailored safaris in East Africa and have unmatched knowledge of the major destinations in the region with a passion, understanding of the region which makes it unique.

Yesigye Brian Bravo, the Executive Director of Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “This partnership holds immense significance for the Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation. Our mission has always been to transform the lives of vulnerable children across the country, and Nicholas represents one of the remarkable talents we aim to support. We aspire to shed light on the plight of more children like Nicholas and are committed to identifying and assisting one child per month. This ambitious goal becomes more attainable with strategic partners like Home To Africa. We’ve also identified social enterprise projects for various regions covered by our MOUs, and we look forward to launching initiatives that empower children, youth, men, and women.”

Aloysious Kasoma, Head of Communications, highlighted the organization’s achievements, stating, “Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation has identified over 25 children from districts such as Kaberamaido, Pallisa, Luuka, Kasese, Wakiso, Terego, Budaka, KCCA, among others. We’ve also entered into MOUs with several districts, solidifying our commitment to making a positive impact.”

The partnership between Home To Africa Tours and Bravo Shoes Community Organisation signifies a union of shared values and goals, aiming to uplift communities, empower youth, and create a brighter future for all.

Bravo Shoes Community Support Organisation is a non-profit organization focused on transforming the lives of vulnerable children and communities across Uganda. With a mission to identify, support, and empower underprivileged children, youth, men, and women, Bravo Shoes Community Organisation works tirelessly to create positive social impact through various initiatives and projects.

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