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How a building development can be stopped…

Section 40 of the Building Control Act, 2013 allows a District/Urban Building Committee to issue a notice in writing, ordering any person to stop a building operation.

Where it is carried out in a manner which is contrary to the provisions of the Act and Building Code and where the construction does not comply with the health and sanitation requirements prescribed in the Building Control Regulations, 2020.

Where the building operation is halted, the Building Committee can order the owner to take remedial measures to the satisfaction of the Committee before continuing with the building operations.

It is criminal for a person with out good cause not to comply with the notice or an order given and such a person can be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding 75 currency points (Shs, 1,500,000) or imprisonment not exceeding 3 year or both.

Source: The National Building Review Board (NBRB), a corporate body established by the Building Control Act, 2013.

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