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Muslim Leaders Endorse Unity Drive

The late President of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada inspired the Muslim unity drive by the Mufti of Uganda, His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje.

“In 1991 then as Kadhi Bugisu Muslim District and in accompany of the Late Haj Asuman Mbubi, the former Deputy Chairman of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC we traveled to the Holy City of Makkah to perform lesser pilgrimage- Umra. On our way back, we met a tall man with broad shoulders who appeared to be Haj Mbubi’s acquaintance. He greeted us in Swahili. I was shocked when he introduced himself as Idi Amin Dada, the former President of Uganda. While departing, he passionately advised us never to betray and abandon the cause for the establishment of UMSC,” Mufti Mubaje recounted.
He disclosed this during a colorful Consultative Unity Conference held at UMSC Conference Hall at Old Kampala on Dec 6th, 2021. According to Sheikh Mubaje, Amin’s message sunk deep inside his heart and he resolved to make his own contribution towards uplifting the image of UMSC, which was so low and characterized by an incomplete National Mosque. 
“Now 21 years since assuming the Office of the Mufti we have managed to realize that dream and a lot of positive change has been registered,” Sheikh Mubaje said amidst chants of God is the greatest from congregants. 
He revealed that majority of Muslims at the lower levels have agreed to embrace unity in fulfillment of the divine ordinance contained in the Holy Quran and prophetic sayings. In a special way, he thanked Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya for coming out boldly to rally Muslims towards unity, saying he never wished  to be perceived as a divisive force long after his demise. 
He also thanked Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the Amir of the Nakasero Mosque based Jumiyyat Al Dawa Al Salafiyya who during the consultative meeting, said they are firmly behind UMSC. 
Sheikh Kamoga asked the UMSC leadership to ensure that nobody is left behind during the UMSC constitutional amendment process. Earlier on Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya who recently led a group of Muslims back to the fold of UMSC, said that he will die a happy man because he is now exonerated after calling upon all Muslims to unite as a single Community as commanded by Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran.
“We will be insulted and cajoled by some ill-minded elements but remain focussed on consolidating unity because it is not a personal choice rather the fulfillment of Almighty Allah’s commandments,” he said amidst chants of God is greatest. On his part Hon. Ramathan Mugalu, the UMSC Secretary-General informed the delegates that all the troubles that befell the Muslim Community in the past and present were a result of disunity.  He explained that this was the reason that led warring sides to reach an agreement on Sept 3rd, 2021. Haj Mugalu read out the pact later that was unanimously adopted by the members. 
Other speakers who echoed the message of unity included  His Eminence Sheikh Abdallah Ibrahim Ssemambo Tamusuza the Deputy Mufti, Haj Abdu Nadduli Acting UMSC National  Chairman,  Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza, the former Chief Kadhi of Uganda and Director of Sharia. In attendance were His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa 2nd Deputy Mufti, members of the UMSC Executive, Majlis Al Ulama (Eminent Sheikhs), former National Leaders, Advisors in the Office of the Mufti, National Management Committee, Regional and District Kadhis, the President of Uganda Muslim Lawyer’s Association, and Special Guests among many others.

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