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Ugandan Music Maestros Fik Fameica and Zulitums Ignite COKE STUDIO with Electrifying Performances

In a night of musical magic, Uganda’s renowned rapper, Fik Fameica, a.k.a. Fresh Bwoy, and the versatile songwriter, performing artist, and producer Zulitums took center stage under the COKE STUDIO™ project. These talented artists, representing Uganda in the global COKE STUDIO™, unveiled their sensational local collaboration, “Manyi Mangi,” this season, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates with fans worldwide.

For Fik Fameica, this marks his second appearance as Uganda’s representative in the COKE STUDIO™ project, while it’s Zulitums’ debut season. The song “Manyi Mangi” is a harmonious blend of their unique vocal styles, making it an absolute musical gem that’s already capturing hearts.

Vivienne Olenyo, Frontline Marketing Portfolio Activation Manager-Uganda, expressed the significance of music in bringing people together, stating, “Through music, we can express our emotions, and it’s a language that can be understood by everyone. These local collaborations remind us of the power of coming together and the magic we can create together, which is aligned with our theme – Real Magic. Today, we have witnessed a burst of energy, talent, and grit in all the performances.”

This year, COKE STUDIO™ adopts a global approach for the second season, introducing a new format that includes exclusive behind-the-scenes content and music releases through Cokestudio.com, a web-based platform by Coca-Cola. This platform showcases a diverse mix of global, regional, and local talent, providing fans with an immersive musical experience.

The anthem of this season, titled “Be Who You Are (Real Magic),” celebrates the profound impact of staying true to one’s identity. It encapsulates the idea that genuine enchantment happens when individuals embrace their uniqueness and respect the differences in others. Written by the talented Jon Batiste, the song is a remarkable collaboration with the innovative K-Pop group NewJeans, the Grammy-winning pop sensation Camilo from Colombia, the chart-topping singer-songwriter Cat Burns from the UK, and the versatile rapper J.I.D from Atlanta.

Arthur Akankwasa, the Senior Franchise Manager of Coca-Cola Uganda, emphasized Coca-Cola’s ‘Real Magic’ brand philosophy, celebrating the magic of human connection and the belief that our differences enrich the world.

“For the past 125 years, we have been dedicated to refreshing the world and using music as a powerful means to connect with our valued consumers and customers. Throughout this remarkable journey, our approach to COKE STUDIO™ has continually evolved to adapt to changing times. It has been a transformative voyage, transitioning from mere collaboration to establishing genuine partnerships that have enriched the lives of artists, fans, and our cherished brands. Today, we proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with the music industry as steadfast allies, meticulously crafting elevated, music-infused content, weaving captivating narratives, and curating experiences that deeply resonate with how fans engage with content and fervently connect with their beloved music and artists,” he shared.

Throughout the season, fans can access COKE STUDIO™ content through a “Drink. Scan. Enjoy” on-pack activation. Wi-Fi hotspots have been strategically deployed across the country, engaging Gen Z, who are predominantly online and on digital platforms. Fans can input the code under the cap of their Coke bottles to activate Wi-Fi and enjoy exclusive COKE STUDIO™ content.

Since its inception in 2017, COKE STUDIO™ has grown from strength to strength, establishing a strong presence in Kenya and evolving into a global phenomenon. This season, COKE STUDIO™ continues to engage audiences through partnerships with festivals, listening parties, and campus tours, further deepening its connection with fans.

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