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Gov’t Chief Whip Obua Receives Heroic Welcome in Lango

The Government Chief Whip, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua on Friday received a heroic welcome in Lira City, the capital of the Lango sub-region.

The Lango Community in Lira City, majorly from Ajuri County, Alebtong District, and their friends waited for Obua in Amuca business center, 8 kilometers from the central business district, and escorted him to the city- paralyzing business for over an hour.

The participants and organizers of the event, clad in yellow colors and T-shirts bearing the pictures of President Yoweri Museveni, Obua and the NRM logo, said they arranged it to appreciate the appointing authority for promoting their son and brother from the Minister of State for Sports to a key Cabinet position.

“Lira City is the gateway to Ajuri- Alebtong, where Hon. Hamson Obua comes from. We organized this reception to thank President Museveni for elevating our son and Ajuri leader to the position of Cabinet Minister as Government Chief Whip,” remarked Mr. Opio Obira, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

On his side, Hon Denis Hamson Obua showered equally praises on President Museveni for the appointment on promotion and saluted the people of Ajuri in Lira City for the reception saying a grand thanksgiving will be organized in Ajuri before the end of the year 2022.

“I am truly honored to receive this fascinating welcome. Let me start by thanking H.E President Museveni promoting me to the big position of the Government Chief Whip,” he said.

Adding: “Let us all prepare for a grand thanksgiving in Ajuri before the end of this year.”

The function was attended by the Lira Resident City Commissioner, Mr. Lawrence Egole and several other dignitaries.

President Museveni on July 21, 2022 appointed Obua as the Government Chief Whip, just two years after making the latter the State Minister of Sports.

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