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Kampala teacher charged with 27 counts of fraud after conning over Shs 1 billion in Busoga

Police has charged a woman identified as Edith Nassozi with 27 counts of cheating as provided for under Section 307 of the Penal Code Act following complaints from several people in Busoga sub region.

It is alleged that between August and November 2021, Nassozi, 39, a teacher by profession, a resident of Nakawuka village, Kasanje in Wakiso district and others still at large while operating under an organization called Yvico Alliance Africa went to Bulibando Central A village in Iganga district, mobilized people to join their organization and save with them some money, promising some 50% whenever they needed to withdraw it later for their children’s school fees.

Convinced and excited by the offer, several parents mobilized themselves and started meeting every Wednesday, depositing money on Yvico’s account – falling prey the unscrupulous fraudsters.

However, when the children resumed school, the parents tried to contact Nassozi for the refund of their saving as well the top-up as earlier promised but to their dismay, Nassozi’s known phone contacts had been switched off and her whereabouts remained mysterious.

Victims reported the matter to Iganga Police Station and as detectives commenced investigations, it was established that Nassozi was in police custody over similar allegations to the prejudice of some people in Mayuge district.

The two files – Iganga and Mayuge were taken over by the Department of Economic Crimes at the CID headquarters in Kibuli and upon thorough investigations, it was established that Nassozi had defrauded several other people in Busoga sub region as well as other parts of of Central Region.

The case file was submitted to the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) for legal advise, who after perusal, sanctions 27 counts of cheating Contrary to Section 307 of the PCA.

ODPP further asserted that the evidence assembled by police was sufficient enough towards the prosecution of Nassozi.

At the time of her arrest, Nassozi had cheated people over 1 billion. She will be taken to Iganga Chief Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) Spokesperson Charles Twiine confirmed Nassozi’s arrest and the Directorate’s preparedness to prosecute the suspect.

Twiine, however, appealed to members of the public to always do due diligence before they transact with these people that come up with these seemingly exciting offers.

“Whereas we commit to prosecute the suspect and whereas we have the competence to assemble sufficient evidence, it is usually very hard to recover the stolen money from such fraudsters unless the victims undertake civil proceedings which equally has its challenges like taking long to be disposed off among others. Local leaders like the RDCs, the DISOs, the councilors, the police Liaisons officers, Commanders like the DPCs and other civil leaders are urged to help these unsuspecting members of the public by routinely sensitizing them against these fraudsters immediately they detect them in their areas of operation. As for the Uganda Police, we are committed to protect and serve you the members of the public,” Twiine said.

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