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MP Silwanyi grilled after he fails to point out Namuganza’s crime

MPs on the Rules, Privileges and Discipline committee on were shocked when Silwanyi failed to stand by his testimony that he had brought up against Hon Persis Namuganza, alleging that she made statements that questioned the integrity of Parliament.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa had earlier directed the Committee to look into the matter.

According to media reports, Silwany accuses Namuganza of attacking the operations and work of parliament.

However, he failed to prove his claims Wednesday.

MP Laura Kanusu, Chairperson of the committee, asked Silwanyi to single out any rule that Hon. Namuganza broke.

“In your understanding, if a member goes to a forum which is one for Members of Parliament, where we discuss issues and those issues cannot be issues out of Parliament, they are part of the work we do, are you telling this committee that we have no right as members of Parliament to make any comments on procedures of Parliament whatsoever? Are you actually telling us that we have no right whatsoever to make comments on whatever happens in Parliament?” Kanusu asked.

She was backed by other lawmakers who asked Silwanyi to explain whether MPs have no right to discuss matters connected to Parliament on social forums created for Parliament members.

Rev. Fr. Charles Onen, the deputy chairperson of the Committee, further pinned Silwanyi to substantiate his claims.

“You rose on the floor of Parliament on a procedural rule 190. Now, if somebody questions the mandate, authority of the speaker, which rule has he/she breached?” Rev. Fr Onen grilled Silwanyi as the latter fumbled responses, asking for more time to find the rule Namuganza faulted.

It should be recalled that Silwanyi, the main accuser in this case, brought up the matter mid last month, something Rev. Fr. Onen highlighted as he told the MP he had been given ample time to back up his case, in vain.

Minister Namuganza, has maintained her innocence in the matter.

“When we meet the President, sometimes he gives verbal instructions. But when you reach the committee and deliver the instructions, you are accused of concocting them without further inquiry. This is very unfortunate,” Namuganza was quoted saying.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the Kira Municipality MP, recently said that he would be comfortable if parliament stuck to the rules regarding the behavior of MPs during the debate, in the House, and their general behavior.

“I am against parliament sometimes acting like a mob, and I am also against the behavior of thinking that decisions of parliament cannot be criticized. We criticize the Executive, we criticize the Judiciary,” he said in part.

Ssemujju said that if there is a particular rule that Namuganza flouted, it should be proved before any decision is taken.

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